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heyy everyone! ive been gone for what feels like forever, studying in england for the semester but im back in new york now! i want to come back to writing but realize im not a fan of my latest writing so i think i might scrap that and start a new one if thats ok with you guys? i would love to hear from you all! x

this is like my third day in England?? and i love it having so much fun !

Anonymous asked:

no sorry!

infinitely-self-destructive asked:
Awwwwww I miss you ! Have fun studying in England though. Hope everything with your dad is well. & I hope you are well too ! Take care love :) xo

aww thanks girl! x

Sorry guys but I’m leaving tomorrow to study abroad in England so that’s why I haven’t been around I’ve been too busy idk if ill have time to update over there ill definitely come back but it might be awhile I love you all xxx ps let me know how the 1d movie was for anyone who saw it! Is it worth seeing ??

sorry guys i ended up staying in the hamptons for two weeks instead of just a weekend haha anyways ill be posting tonight xx

Anonymous asked:
When do you think you will be updating again? :(

tonight :)

coolchikzdontdance asked:
Pleeeeaase update, you're an amazing writer

im updating tonight! thankk you love x

Anonymous asked:
When are you posting the next chapter? :) x


Anonymous asked:
i've been here since Mason! agh I have your url memorized :) love you so much

your the best! xx